Welcome to Proceed! Our wide array of perfected P.R.O. services is sure to cover all your expected and unexpected business and private needs.

About Us


Welcome to Proceed

We reinvented P.R.O

Welcome to the 360° approach to p.r.o. in the UAE


With more than a decade of experience and deep engagement in the Emirati business and entrepreneurship scene, we are confident to say that Proceed is your one-stop destination for elemental support and services directed at maximizing your success while minimizing your expenses.

On the path to success

Proceed is here for you

P.R.O. is just the tip of the iceberg;

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to wear on your grand opening day!


People have found us to be brilliant at offering a wide and complex array of services, while making the client experience smooth and comfortable. Our friendly yet professional team will make sure you are fully covered and thoroughly counseled.

We are oriented towards the full handling of your next business or adventure, which means that we can either simply take care of one aspect of your business, such as governmental documents, or just handle the full creation process of your business. Our team is already behind the success of countless companies in the UAE.

Feel free to approach us at any stage of your planning. Even as early as just an idea, we are here to support, guide, and kick start your journey.

Speaking of services

Outstanding is an understatement;

We offer your services you’ll want to recommend


Our wide array of perfected services is sure to cover all your expected and unexpected business needs;

From classic Visa and P.R.O. services, to Company formation and setup, to Corporate and Business needs, to licensing, sponsorship, and business agreement drafts, to private and domestic services, to full consultancy and project management; we do it all!


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